YUM: Woman To Eat Mom’s Ashes For Christmas Dinner

YUM: Woman To Eat Mom’s Ashes For Christmas Dinner

Photo By Craig F. Walker / The Denver Post


Debra Parsons’ mother died last May, and this Christmas, the two will be reunited — in her stomach.

The 41-year-old U.K. woman says she will sprinkle her deceased mother’s ashes over her Christmas meal and chow down. Apparently it was the turkey stuffing that will be awarded that something extra. Ashes, I mean ashes.


Parsons explained that one day she had a “strong desire” to taste her dead mother’s ashes and went for it.

“At first I had them in a plastic sachet and then put them in a box. One day I had a strong desire to try them out. I opened the box and put my fingers in. The flavor was really salty,” she said.

She admitted she “felt strange” doing so, “but then I felt so close to my mother that I overcame it.”

“People may think I’m crazy or believe this act is disrespectful,” Parsons said. “But it’s the perfect way to get closer to my mother this Christmas that we can not be together. I feel she can continue to live in me. Because if it is a piece of me, it can breathe in my body. My breath is her breath.”

While this is truly bizarre and quite gross, it’s also sad and troubling, of course. In 2011, a grieving woman named Casie was featured on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” and said she began eating her husband’s ashes after she got a taste by accident. Feeling closer to her deceased husband, Casie continued to eat the ashes (filled with seriously unhealthy chemicals) and said she felt suicidal thinking of a time when her husband’s remains would be gone.

“Casie went to see a therapist, where she didn’t seem to make much progress and repeatedly threatened to commit suicide should she actually eat all the ashes. In the end, she checked herself into an inpatient care facility (perhaps a first for this show), was not allowed to bring ashes, and is under 24-hour surveillance,” reported Jezebel.

Here’s to hoping Ms. Parsons gets some help and refrains from her eating her mother this Christmas.