Toddler Helps German Shepherd Overcome Its Fear Of Sprinklers

Toddler Helps German Shepherd Overcome Its Fear Of Sprinklers

Fear isn’t an emotion only reserved for humans. It can come in all shapes and sizes and affect even the bravest of people…or dogs.

There’s a reason dogs are known as a man’s best friend. Usually, it’s our pets who are there to make us feel better when we’re scared, to serve as our cuddle buddy when we’re lonely, to be our jogging companion when we need that extra motivation to exercise or just be the friend we can always rely on. In other words, dogs are always there when we need them. I mean, everyone’s watched Lassie, right?

German Shepherds, one of the top registered dogs in the United States, not only serve as family pets but are often put to use as police, guard, military, show and performance dogs. Known for their intelligence, courage, and devotion, there isn’t much these four-legged friends can’t do.

But for one German shepherd, their weakness came in the form of a common household device: a sprinkler. Sensing their pet’s hesitation, one brave toddler took it upon themselves to show their fuzzy friend he had nothing to fear and the adorable moment was caught on camera.

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