Royals cash in on Harry and Meghan: Sandringham and Kensington Palace gift shops are selling £6.99 mugs and £4.99 gold-plated spoons embossed with the couple’s beaming image 

Merchandise shops based in royal palaces have been selling cheap memorabilia to commemorate the engagement of Prince William and American actress Meghan Markle. In Sandringham, visitors can, if they wish, purchase a mug featuring the couple looking at each other for £6.99. The exact same image appears on a keyring, which is available for £3.99 […]

Bollywood star, 35, who could be one of Meghan Markle’s bridesmaids is revealed to have 257,623 UNREAD emails (let’s hope the royal wedding invite is sent in the mail) 

A friend of Meghan Markle has caused an online panic on a niche but fiercely debated subject: the number of unread emails in her inbox. While some of us stress at the sight of a few hundred unread messages, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has outdone almost everyone with 257,623 emails sitting ignored or forgotten on […]

Rat manor: Ramshackle home is so overrun with rodents locals claim ‘rats are eating other rats and licking moisture off the windows’

Residents of a picturesque Lincolnshire village are furious after an empty property became overrun by rats. Disturbing pictures show the rodents scurrying around the property in Metheringham and licking moisture off the windows. Locals fear rubbish left around the house is attracting the vermin and have slammed the local council for doing too little to […]

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Ayling kidnap suspect makes damning phone call from Italian jail as he is recorded telling his mother to ‘delete encrypted emails and dump car used in abduction’

The man on trial for the kidnap of British model Chole Ayling was secretly recorded telling his mother to destroy emails and messages that could link him to the crime, Mail Online can reveal. Lukasz Herba also instructed his mother to tell his brother Michal to dispose of a car that had been used in […]

Robbery victim, 23, left blind after being shot in the face, has the 3cm-long bullet pulled out through his NOSTRIL by surgeons who did it without a single incision

An Indian man who survived being shot in the face had the bullet removed by talented surgeons – who pulled it out through his nostril. Tanveer Ahmed Ansari, 23, was shot in the face earlier this month when he was the victim of a robbery, but incredibly it didn’t kill him. He was blinded in […]

‘I have ruined my life’: German jihadi schoolgirl facing execution is reunited with her mother and sister in Iraq for the first time after running away to Mosul and marrying an ISIS fighter 

The German schoolgirl who followed her jihadi lover to Iraq and joined ISIS before being captured in Mosul this year has been reunited with her mother. Linda Wenzel, from the town of Pulsnitz in Saxony, joined the Islamist terror group at the age of 15. She was said to have worked for a female-only brigade […]

Construction worker, 23, tried to suffocate his own mother and threatened to slit her throat after flying into a rage when he came home drunk and lost his house keys 

Christopher Delaney (pictured), 23, had moved in with his mother Collette in Heywood, Greater Manchester, after splitting up with girlfriend. One night he came home drunk and had forgotten his keys A construction worker threatened to slit his own mother’s throat after he had to climb onto her balcony because he came home drunk and […]

Parents’ fury as Aldi’s sell-out £2.99 carrot toys appear on eBay for up to £1,000 after sparking lengthy queues and even SCRUMS in stores

They’re the adorable stars of Aldi’s Christmas adverts, and have won over the hearts of customers with their love story. But Kevin and Katy the carrot – and their babies – are now making shoppers furious as £2.99 cuddly versions of the couple’s orange children are being sold on eBay for up to £1,000. Families […]

Homeless hero stands in the pouring rain for two hours to guard handbag containing £450 cash after finding it left on a car seat with the window down

A homeless man waited two-and-a-half hours in the pouring rain to make sure a stranger’s handbag containing £450 was not stolen. James John McGeown spotted the bag on the front seat of a parked car that had its window down outside Glasgow Sheriff Court. Mr McGeown waited for two-and-a-half hours for the owner to return […]

Murder suspect, 25, smiles in court AGAIN as he flanks co-accused couple after four children were killed in a devastating arson attack on their family home 

The three people accused of murdering four children in a petrol bomb attack on their house while they slept have appeared in court court together for the first time. Demi Pearson, 14, her sister, Lacie, seven, and their eight-year-old brother, Brandon, died in the blaze in Greater Manchester the early hours of Monday morning. The […]