The Best Mac VPNs of 2018

You Need a Mac VPN The notion that Apple computer users don’t care about security is erroneous. But an even worse fallacy is the belief that macOS is somehow immune to attacks, needs no antivirus, and is intrinsically protected against spies and hackers. While much malware targets specific devices, and Windows devices undoubtedly represent a […]

The Best Mechanical Keyboards of 2018

Why Go Mechanical? If you’re a computer user “of a certain age,” you know that there was a time when room-filling clicking was as synonymous with typing as words appearing… uh, on a sheet of paper. But the typewriters on which generations of office workers and aspiring novelists learned to type weren’t the only places […]

The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2018

Your Weapon of Choice If you’re a gamer, you take your choice of keyboard seriously. When your keyboard doubles as your game controller, it’s more than just a tool for typing. It is to you what the katana is to a samurai (or cyborg ninja): an extension of yourself, your interface with the digital world. […]

The Best Keyboards of 2018

Finding the Right Fit Maybe your old keyboard has typed its last letter. Perhaps your gaming ambitions have left you dissatisfied with the mediocre model that came with your desktop PC. Or maybe the one you have still works fine for what it is, but isn’t as comfortable and sturdy as you’d prefer. Whatever the […]

The Best Cheap Laptops of 2018

How to Get the Best Laptop Under $500 Gone are the days when a decent laptops would cost you north of $1,000. In this market, manufacturers are inventing new ways to outsell each other, including aggressive price cutting. Now we’re seeing full-size and ultraportable Windows 10 notebooks with processors powerful enough for use at home, […]