Fitting in Fitness at Christmas

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, whatever country you’re celebrating in, chances are, you’ll be spending time eating and drinking with friends and family throughout the month. But before you blow off your fitness routine until the new year, read over the ways our international Members find time to get moving over the holidays. Make Time for […]

5 Reasons You Should Take a Self Defense Class

Curious about getting fit and staying safe? A self-defense course is the perfect fit. Colleges and police departments host free courses. You can also try , , and the . 5 Reasons to Take Self-Defense You’ll learn more about staying safe than just moves. Students are taught that physical self-defense techniques are a last resort. […]

How to Set a Festive Atmosphere

One way to guarantee a top-notch holiday dinner party is to dish up a gourmet feast. But good food, experts agree, provides only a fraction of the fun quotient. Ambience plays an equal or even greater role. Here, three quick and simple ways to create the perfect atmosphere for this year’s celebration. Gather Good Friends […]

Rohingya refugees tell harrowing tales of rape

Aerlyn Pfeil knows about rape. She’s worked with victims of sexual violence in South Sudan, Somalia and Papua New Guinea. But Pfeil has never seen anything like the sexual abuse victims in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. “I’ve never had a population talk so freely about the assault that they were experiencing,” said Pfeil, […]

FDA proposes crackdown on homeopathy

Little Blaine Talbott started teething especially early, when he was just 2 months old. His mom, Karina, was looking for something gentle and harmless to help ease his distress and when she saw homeopathic teething tablets in the store, she grabbed them. “It said homeopathic, all natural, you know, organic stuff, and so you think […]

Ashley Hamer / UNICEFIs an end to polio in sight?

Could the world be about to eradicate polio? Only 17 cases were diagnosed last year and they were all in two countries with the last hard-to-reach corners: Afghanistan and Pakistan. The public health groups trying to put the squeeze on polio have started to get more creative in their last push. The latest: turning vaccination […]

Is this baby 24 years old?

Emma Gibson was conceived in 1992 but not born until 2017. Gibson, born November 25, was frozen as an embryo and donated to a Knoxville faith-based clinic that specializes in embryo donation and adoption, doctors and her parents said. “Do you realize that I’m 25 years old? If the baby was born when it was […]