512-Year-Old Shark Caught By Marine Biologists

512-Year-Old Shark Caught By Marine Biologists

Over the course of history, many discoveries have been made in the vast world of animal species. From the newer breeds to the old, they can be traced to some of the originals that once roamed our planet. In one of the more groundbreaking new discoveries, Danish scientists have caught a shark that they believe could be 512 years old, dating back to the times of William Shakespeare.

In what could be the oldest living vertebrate ever discovered, the Greenland shark measures at a shocking 18 feet long. Its age is determined by its length and is found to be the oldest in a group of 28 sharks that were analyzed in a study.

Caught in the North Atlantic Ocean, the lead author of the research from the University of Copenhagen, Julius Nielsen, discovered this shark alongside a team of marine biologists. Only known to grow one centimeter a year, this species has been known to live for hundreds of years now, some of which have been around for over 400 years now. To date, the oldest shark discovered was 392 years old. Studies by researchers reveal ‘centuries of longevity in the Greenland sharks’.

Considering this possibility, this particular shark could’ve been around during some of the world’s most significant events recorded. Coming out strong past the World Wars, the sinking of the Titanic, and even the founding of the United States, this shark has overcome and withstood some notable and remarkable times.

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